Monday, February 15, 2010

So last Friday I had an experience that i have never had before and may not ever have again. it really rocked my conscience and that's why I feel it is necessary to share.

So I have really gotten into sociology lately. I am a TA for a Race Relations class which means I get to facilitate race discussions twice a week. I also get to participate in a race discussion myself once a week with other TA's. I really really enjoy the time spent being honest and sincerely learning about the world and its inhabitants. Last week I was given the opportunity to join another discussion group and I jumped at the chance. This discussion was called Dialogues Between the Middle East and the West. I honestly just want to be included in as many discussions as possible, I just really love learning and interacting with all kinds of people.

The first dialogue was this past Friday. We all came in and introduced ourselves and then started the dialogue. It was going very well. Everyone was very interested in what was being said, questions were being posed, it was great. Then somewhere along the way I noticed something was different. This discussion was different. The mechanics of the discussion just were not the same and I could not figure out what it was, until it hit me.

Holy Crap!

I was the majority! In the scope of that discussion I was an "American" and thus I represented the majority. It was really strange because I was an American for the first time I can remember. I'm always a black person, in America. I wrote this blog in two parts and writing it now two weeks removed it is not coming across as serious as I wanted it to, but whatever it was crazy. To fully understand it you have to know whats it's like to never be the majority, and then suddenly have it thrust onto you unknowingly. Weird. I was actually in the group that was trying to learn from the other side, the side that didn't know anything. The "home" team. Craziness, or at least it was to me.

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