Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Poem I wrote quite a while ago. I thought I shared it here but I guess I forgot. Woops. Anyway here it is.

Not with my lips, but with my body
Tense, unrested, wondering
My life, what is it?
What will it be?

After all how is a man measured,
by how much he gained or gave?
What does it matter?
Questions asked and answers withheld
Wandering lost with an outdated map
What do I want? Simple, but not quite
A query not heavy but certainly not light.

I'm not sure about much but this I know
I will own this thing not just possess it
I will live and not exist.
Make of it what I will and refuse to stay lost.
Greatness comes not with patience but with aggression!
I will take pride in what I love
and love it with all of my heart.

For soon I will be a thought,
A passing word.
What will that word be?
I don't think it makes a difference
For greatness comes not from others
but from within.

I will decide my legacy for I will write it myself.
I will take control of my life.
I will seize this day and every one that follows.
What say you? What will come of your life?
I pray you continue to wonder
and when wondering stops quenching the feeling
Take to action.

Life is short and memory shorter
I want people to remember my life
I want to be someone who made
other people better with my words
Someone who's smile made someone
feel they were important
Someone who left the world better than
he inherited it.
But how?
By turning vision into action.
Carpe Diem

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