Friday, January 31, 2014


I am proposing a new word that I believe should be added to the English, and frankly every other, language effective immediately. I have a definition in mind but I don't know how this word will sound or how it will be spelled. Actually I take that back, my ADD kicked in and I ran off to research some latin roots and came up with bellasuma which is a mashup of the latin word bella which means beautiful, and the latin root -sum, which means the highest peak.

bellasuma:. adj. - of ultimate grace and pleasantry; description of a woman
              1. extremely enjoyable and pleasant
              2. a particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent quality
              3. pleasing by delicacy or grace

If you are an english buff, which I am not, you will notice my run-on sentences and comma splices that those are the essentially the definitions of beauty, gorgeous, and pretty. My issue with those words are that we've somehow come to believe that they are somehow different from the word woman. That is to say that it is possible to have a woman who is not pretty or beautiful or gorgeous. I fundamentally disagree. Our culture has added this element of subjectiveness to these words. Someone may see beauty in something that someone else might not. Here is my beef. Woman are beautiful and pretty and gorgeous. This is not opinion, it is fact. The two terms are mutually inclusive.

I can hear you all saying that "Hey, being mutually inclusive means you can't have one without the other! Can't something be beautiful without being a woman?" Of course. The Rocky Mountains are pretty, the Grand Canyon is beautiful, and Niagara Falls is gorgeous. This is exactly why I'm proposing a new word. This word has all the denotation and connotation associated with beauty, gorgeousness, and prettiness. The difference is that this word does not have the weight of subjectivity and is inherently built into the definition of a woman. The word bellasuma and the word woman and mutually inclusive. You absolutely cannot have one without the other.

Women are the highest peak of delight and beauty. This is an absolute fact. We leave too much up to a fundamentally flawed society when we choose to differentiate between a woman and a beautiful woman. We need to add this word because it removes that subjectivity that has developed over the years and replaces it with an absolute. All women are bellasuma, and conversely by definition all that is bellasuma are women.

My opinion is that we have to stop assuming that society will get things right. We need to hardwire the fact that women are beautiful into the very definition. Only then will we truly appreciate our women for who and what they are.

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  1. I would like to propose the enunciation of the word. I'll try my best with the phonetic spelling:

    /bel läsə'mä/

    I'm totally on board with bellasuma! Every woman needs to realize that they are pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, and all other words synonymous. I believe Society tends to pull things apart and question inalienable inheritances for economic benefit. Taking this blog for example, dividing woman from beautiful created the multi-billion dollar Cosmetics industry, not including things like surgeries, or even purfumes. If every bellasuma woman was self-aware, the Cosmetics industry would be reduced to soothing lotions and hand soaps; actually soap in general is excluded from the FDA defined "cosmetic", but you get my point.

    Another great example of Society's mindgames can tranfer into intellectual beliefs. One can be uneducated but no human being is stupid, non-intelligent, etc. Our species, homo sapien, is inherently intelligent. Homo, in short, man, is derived from latin word 'homunculus' which means human being. Sapiens, derived from 'sapient', which is "to be wise." To be human is to be intelligent; its in our species geneology. Yet, there was a point in history where racial inferiority and slavery were common societal acceptances. But I digress...