Friday, January 8, 2010

Is It OK?

Ok so I've got a question for everyone. Is it ok to be emotional?

Now I'm writing this primarily for my own good. So I mean I don't even know if I really want an answer from anybody, whatever.

Ok so basically I'm asking this because as most of you know I've got a beautiful girl that I'm with and she completely rocks my world. I mean when I'm with her everything is as it should be Everything is ok, nothing is wrong as long as I've got her with me. Sounds all corny and mushy right? See that's my thing is that wrong? She says no and my friends say that's how I should feel, but I don't know sometimes. I mean so many times you hear how guys never give their "all" and they are cold and emotionless, or at least those are the criticisms I've heard thrown my way. Like I don't know this girl has the amazing ability to make me feel. I've never ever ever been an emotional person until I really got to know her. By know means am I a bleeding heart guy now but coming from what I came from this is creepy. I find myself thinking about her all the time and wanting to call her just to tell her she's beautiful.

Then I stop and I'm like what am I doing? This is some real fruit cake type stuff going right? I'm conflicted. The more and more I think about it the more I convince myself that, hell this is how I feel, so be it.

I think I'm cool with that.


  1. Theres a reason why girls outlive dudes. Girls show more emotion. The more you keep inside and not let out, the more burden on your heart. I can be a very emo dude and I can be non budging. So, letting things out when it happens helps you to live longer. Carrying a heavy heart is a heavy load on your lifespan

    *drops mic*

  2. Solid dude. Nuff said lol. You a real homie.