Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok so I had another crazy wild dream last night. The thing about my dreams is that I hardly ever remember the beginning or the end. So my dreams just start and then they just are over but there is no introduction or conclusion.

So it begin as I'm riding with my mom in the car to somewhere. We're in a city I've never seen before or whatever and we were talking about how people can question your religion. Like basically how the older you get and the more you learn, you will have discussions with people that will denounce your belief. I was telling her how, being republican, I've already had a number of these arguments with peers about things like that. Anyway so she parks in some strange garage and we both get out. We're walking off somewhere and I pick up a rock and chuck it a wall in front of me. I don't really knew why I threw the rock but i wanted it to break apart on impact, I used to love doing that as a kid. Anyway so my mom goes "why did you do that?!" I just shrug my shoulders.

So we walk through the parking garage and into a closed in court. Not court like with a judge, but court like a really big open garden. So we didn't know how to get out and there was just one door, I guess we couldn't go out through the garage anymore. So I go up and knock on the door. Few seconds, then a short and very old nun answers the door. She welcomes me in and then asks if my wife (you mean my mom???) is coming with me, as my mom was still standing at the bottom of the steps. I say yes and my mom comes in. She begins to escort us further into the church and then we turn a corner and I see the service going on. We did not come for service, we were only trying to get through the church to the street outside. So I turn and aim to walk out the door and when I get to the steps to leave I see people running and jumping to either get to or run away from these little communion stations. So I pay it no mind and just walk out the door but even though I have walked out of the doors I am still not on the street. I seem to be still on the church grounds because there are high walls around and other buildings with similar architecture. So as I'm walking down the stairs a voice calls me. "YOU! Did you take communion?!" I'm like whatever she's not talking to me I don't go to this church, I'm not even catholic.So then at this moment she like swoops and when I say swoop I mean she used her nun cloak and essentially flew from where she was standing atop the stairs to where I was walking about 100 feet away. She lands right in front of me and again asks if i took communion and I said no and explained my case. She grabs my arm and says there are no excuses and I guess teleports me back to one of those communion stations. Except this time the few people that were running and jumping has evolved into complete chaos. We're now talking about like thousands of people running out of this church into the court and all around the grounds trying to get away.

So I turn on my heels and book it out into the fray. After all I didn't even want to be here I was just trying to get through the church. So I mean I run out of the church building and I'm running trying to get out. Then for some reason I'm looking for my girlfriend who I can't find. Weird because I was never with my girlfriend this whole time so I don't know why I started looking for her. So at this point the dream just gets completely weird.

So a little sidebar here. I don't know how many of you watch True Life on MTV and have seen the episode about the girl that has Tourette's Syndrome. She was kind of bitchy and evil a little bit. Anyway so now she's like the person rounding up everyone. So as soon as I catch sight of my girlfriend, this girl land two inches from my face like "what you looking for? The communion stations are back this way!" So I lose sight of my girlfriend when I teleport for the second time today. I again run out of the doors and get to what I though was an exit from the church grounds except that it leads me back into the church!!! WTH! So I again run through the church and take another path but I keep ending up back where I started! I do this about 10 times. Running around the grounds and taking a different way each time, but each time ending up where I began. On one of my passes I walk right by my girlfriend who is walking calmly in the opposite direction. She is holding a microphone and whispers into it "Answer your phone." I don't even know where my phone was in all of this. So I keep running and I try yet another path to escape and I run into 3 other kids my age taking my same escape route. We decide to band together. They didn't have names but we stuck together to get away. We never really spoke or anything they were just there. Then we made on turn into a dark alley, and suddenly we had on a ball and shackles. WTH!!! Crazyness!! For some reason though I was extra husky because I just picked up the ball and carried it, it didn't slow me down at all. So we are in this alley and I find a trap door hidden in a wall. I get excited because I'm sure I have found a way out. I open the door and there's a curtain in front of it. Except it's not really a curtain but like a projector screen. So I tug it and it goes flying up and behind it is the girl. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Dream Over.

I'm sorry that dream was crazy to me. First off all just the fact that it doesn't make any sense. Like the fact that my mom just disappears. First she was with me then she wasn't and then suddenly my girlfriend shows up. Weird except I feel like my mom might have gone into the service. She's that type, I love her. Then there's the fact that that this catholic church pretty much turned into a concentration camp half way through. And then why was that girl from True Life in there? And why did she only want me? Crazyness.

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