Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ok I'm pissed and I feel like I probably shouldn't write while I'm mad because my anger tends to come in really intense waves and my writing tends to be spotty when I'm mad but oh well as I've said before this is my space.

So I got a Wii for Christmas, woooo! I'd been wanting it for awhile so I bought one. My parents helped me out with it but for the most part it was my purchase. So anyway everyone had been asking me what to get my brother because nobody knew what he wanted. He's at that age where I feel like Christmas isn't as exciting for him anymore. So that in and of itself is pretty sad but it happens to all of us. So usually my brother and I don't buy gifts for each other, we usually just lay around with each others stuff and let that be it. So I bought Guitar Hero and thought hey let me get another guitar so my brother can play with me while I'm home. Seemed like a pretty good gift to me especially when we don't do gifts.

So this morning and when I say morning I mean as soon as I woke up. Literally I was woken up by my mom blasting me at the foot of my bed. "I am so annoyed with you. What do you think, we're stupid?" Huh? I'm just sitting there confused. "So you get him a gift he can use for three weeks and then you go back to school?" First of all I hate when people complain on behalf of other people. That's just retarded. I'm really trying to watch my mouth because what I want to say is a lot less Christian then what I'm typing. Then she starts going into how I've forgotten about my family and I don't care anything about my brother. She always does this, always. Literally all the time. I took my brother to the movies on Christmas Eve because I wanted to hang out with him. All she kept saying was look out for your brother, "if something happens to my son."

What kinda.... pause...relax...deep breath.

That's crazy. She talks about my brother as if he is not at all related to me. Like I'm looking out for the neighbors kid. How about I look out for my brother because I don't want anything to happen. Maybe I care just a little bit about my own brother. They must think I'm some kind of animal. It infuriates me. Constantly saying you don't care about your brother, you don't do this, la-dee-dah-dee-dee. I go out of my way to do stuff for my family and my brother and you're going to come in here and blast me because you think I'm being an indian giver?! You better go somewhere with that crap.

I'm really very god with criticism. Both positive and negative, but what really gets to me is when someone criticizes me on something that I go out of my way to do well. I know you're my mom and I love you but this is ridiculous and you know it. Whatever, nothing else to say I guess. Except that I was already going to buy a second gift before your tirade this morning. Now I'm sure you'll undoubtedly take credit for changing me and all that nonsense. Screw it. Merry Christmas.