Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Every once and a while when you get time to really sit down and chill, you start to realize things. Start to notice stuff that you kind of knew already but that you may not have actually appreciated.

For example women. Thanks be to God for creating such a beautiful creature. Beautiful here is used to mean perfect in every way. When you find a good girl you really have to stop and marvel at not only how amazing she is, but also how lucky and blessed you are to have her.

Women can make you love yourself, hate yourself, laugh, cry, smile, and everything in between. There isn't another thing on this Earth living or not that has that type of power over a man. Not money, not power, not respect, all these things men try to pass off as true loves. No and I can personally vouch when you've found someone special, your life will never be better than it is when your with them.

My life right at this moment is pretty damn difficult because I'm on break and for some reason I feel like I'm away from home. I'm in the house I grew up in, but I'm not home. I can't explain it but in two weeks when I head back to 16802 things will be a lot better. For one I'll have my baby who, no matter how gay it sounds, rocks my world. She makes everything alright with a flash of her smile. Point blank period. Say what you want but that's the gospel truth. I really feel like I should be able to do her more justice but I really just do not know how to properly convey everything she means to me so I'm not even going to go into how shes all I ever think about, or how the quality of my day is directly correlated to the quality of her day, or how she gives me butterflies when I see her. I'm not going to waste online megabytes trying to describe an angel in worldly words.

However what I will do is issue a warning to my dudes out there. Cherish her at all times, because she always deserves it. Don't ever raise your hand to her because she never deserves that. Finally, please please please don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Flying by at the speed of life a sea of roses can look like a red smudge but its when you pull over even for just a second that you realize what you've been flying by. So try it because once you stop you may find that a rose will catch your eye and then you can understand why a man like my life with two big ones can get online and tell you how much he loves his lady.

Love you babe. Don't care who knows it.