Friday, December 25, 2009

Warms My Heart

Ok this is a really quick blog right here. Matter of fact I'm not even going to call it a blog. Just really a public applause to something I saw last night on the el.

So I'm riding the el with my brother going to go see a movie. So anyway we get to 56th street and this young mother gets on the train with her kids. This girl wasn't much older than I am I'd say less than 24. She's got a little boy and an even smaller girl with her. So anyway we keep riding and the kids are looking out of the back window. He's obviously fascinated by the tracks and the workings of the train. He keeps asking questions, "Mom, why does it do that," "Mom, why is it like that?" In my past experiences with young mothers most all of them especially in Philly are short-tempered and tend to pop off when their children are too curious. However, this mother did something entirely different. She picked up the boy and said hey "I don't know all the answers, but if you keep working in school you could build all the trains and all the tracks in the world." The boy's eyes lit up.

"Really mom?"
"You sure could."

Honestly I think I was more touched by what she said than the kid was. Like I said I've seen so many dreams crushed by parents with short tempers and limited perspectives, so seeing and hearing this exchange between a mother and her son, it really warmed my heart.

I was so touched by what happened that I wanted to say something to the family but I couldn't think of anything I could possibly contribute to the conversation. What she had done was enough. She inspired her little boy that night, and I can promise you that he wasn't the only one inspired by what she said. He may be a future NSBEer in the making!


  1. Damn. That touched my heart. I would love seeing that for reals. Thats some great stuff to hear man seriously.

  2. Isn't that crazy? Blew me away at 60th and Market.